Be Aware: Fake Doctor Notes Are Double-Edged Weapon

Who hasn’t thought about using a printable doctor’s note? When you need the day off from work or just aren’t well but haven’t got an actual doctor’s line, you can think it’s best to look at a fake note. In a way, these notes can prove very useful for those who need a good excuse for being off work but they aren’t without their risks. How can a fake note catch you out?

The Excuse Is Unrealistic

Having some tropical disease for one day and then suddenly showing up to work the next is not going to convince anyone you were really sick. The number one way to get caught out with fake doctor’s notes has to be because of the excuse used. Now, if you want to avoid detection you have to be smart and stick to an apparent illness that is short-term and believable. A stomach bug is not something most people look into and can often be cleared up within a day or two; however, using something which takes weeks to recover from is not going to work.

The Note Looks Sloppy

It doesn’t matter if you use a printable doctor’s note or otherwise, if it looks dodgy you can get caught out. The state of the note, how it’s set up and what it says can be a real give-away. If the note looks fresh from the printer, it will not be so believable. What is more, if there are mistakes with spelling and grammar, there will be an eye-brow or two raised at this. Remember, doctors should really get no errors in their spelling with medical terms so that’s something to be cautious of.

People Can Check Out Your Story

What you might not be aware of is that when you hand a fake note over to an employer or teacher, they can actually go ahead and check out the story. People can in fact inquire over the legitimacy of the document they have and can look in greater detail about your day off too. For some employers, they take these notes seriously as it means they are potentially paying an employee sick pay without them being sick. That’s fraud and it costs companies thousands per year too which is why fake doctor’s notes are being scrutinized more and more. These notes can seem great at the time but it takes only a few phone calls to determine its authenticity.

You Have To Be Careful

Whether you want to use the fake notes or otherwise, it’s your choice but you do have to be careful. It’s easy enough to get caught and when you do, you could get into a lot of trouble. Some companies will call the police and potentially even suspend you without pay. There have been times when employers have found out about fake notes being used and have launched an investigation and have fired people on the spot. It’s not ideal but it’s down to the fact they are losing money and being defrauded. A printable doctor’s note can seem great at the time but if you are going to use them, you have to ensure you don’t get caught.…

Fake Sick Notes: How To Pull It Off Without Getting Caught

Strict bosses and heads of schools are the reason fake doctors notes are proliferating. You humbly ask for a day off so you can attend to other pressing issues and they coldly refuse. This means you have to feign sickness in order to compel them to give a day, two or a week off.

Since you have to present your boss or school head with physical evidence to prove your sickness, this mandates a visit to a physician. But their notes don’t come cheap; some will even insist on actually taking you through the examination process when all you need is a note to get you off the institution. Thanks to the ever evolving world, you can easily get doctors note for work without paying a cent.

How to ensure the notes look real

If you decide to use doctors notes as an excuse not to go to school or work, then you must ensure they come out genuine. If they don’t look real, you may face a disciplinary action. Here are a few things to keep in mind when using a template to create the note.

The four key elements

  1. Contact information

The doctors note for schoolor work is a legal document, and therefore it has to contain contact info of the doctor like his/her name, phone number, physical address, etc.

  1. Date and time

The date and time you met the doctor should be there. Additionally, the note must indicate the number of days you should be out of school or work. Without this info, your boss or school head may just give a day offwhich may not be sufficient for what you wanted to do.

  1. Your personal details

The two important personal details you need to add are your name, age and your medical condition. Do not provide too much information about your sickness or list ailments that will raise the alarm. Just be brief.

  1. Limitations

The note should include the things you should not do or food you shouldn’t eat for the next couple of days. Whatever you write down has to be related to the medical condition you have. Just to mention a few, you can add not to stand for more than an hour, not to lift anything above7 pounds and wearing comfortable shoes.

The don’ts to observe when making doctors excuse notes1.

  1. Don’t use your handwriting

It’s possible your boss or school head knows your handwriting or can spot it in your documents. Doing this can compromise the legitimacy of your note. You can only use it if you are the lesser known folks in that organization. So what’s the way forward? Use your friends or family members rather than penning the note yourself.

  1. Don’t download a note and submit it that way

Another way to avoid detection is by crosschecking info on the doctors note template and editing it to match your info before submitting it. Failure to do this will get your note sniffed out as illegal.

  1. Don’t forgeanyone’s signature

This is illegal and can get you sued.

If written correctly, fake doctors notes  can help you get a few days of rest, take your kids to school, read for an exam or attend other important things in your life. So the next time you draft these vital notes, use the tips in this article to avoid getting caught.…